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Notes on Printing

     The whole point of this site is to share my paperdolls, bears, and glansbilleder for you to print out.  So, I've gone to a lot of trouble to try to enable you to do that as easily as possible. I designed my site so that clicking on any of the thumbnails should open a full-size picture in its own new window. There are two ways to go after that.

     A. Print directly from the new browser window. After you click on one of the thumbnails, and a full-size picture opens in its own new window, you can then just hit the "print" button for that new window to print the image. For most pictures, that's good enough - there's nothing to adjust. Two considerations:

          1. Margin Size. For a couple of the pictures, if heads or borders are getting cut off, you may have to adjust the margins for pages printed from your web browser. For Internet Explorer, select "File", then "Page Setup" from the menu that drops down, then edit the margin values to really small numbers, like "0.1"  Your computer might replace what you just entered with a slightly larger number. It's telling you that your printer is not physically capable of handling margins as small as the number you entered, but it's willing to compromise with you by writing in for you the smallest margin value that your printer can handle. While you are looking at the "Page Setup" settings, make sure the "header" and "footer" boxes are empty. If there is anything in them, put the cursor in the box and delete or backspace away all the contents.
          Here's a little program to automatically delete your header and footer, minimize your margin values, and set the printer to portrait mode. Click on the link below, a screen will pop-up. Choose  to run (or open) this program from its current location. Your computer will alert you that it can't find an "authenticode"  for the publisher of the program (me).  Despite the huge yellow warning triangle and the highlighted "no" button, click on the "yes" button, and the program will start. Once its dialogue box opens, click on "Click Here to Adjust Settings." The script will tell you it tried to set your margins all to 0.1 inch, but of course the margins will actually change to their smallest physically possible values, as we discussed in the above paragraph. You are done with my printer setup adjuster program and can close the program by clicking on the little "x"  in the top right corner. Then, choose "File" - "Page Setup" at the top of your web browser window - the box that opens should show all the margins of your printer set to their smallest physically possible values.


Printer Setup Adjuster Program

         2. Scale. Some web browsers send them image to the printer sized a little different from the size of my original scan. So even if you have no margin problems and everything is printing on the page without being cut-off, the printed dolls you end up with may not be the exact size as the ones I scanned. Most of the time, you're just printing the doll for fun, so you don't care. But, if you are trying to get a dress or something you've been seeking for years, you want it to be the exact right size. [I think I know why this is happening and I think I can prevent this. But until I do, the only way around it I know is to use method B, below.
        If you are confused by the above, or having problems printing from the browser windows, or if the pictures are the wrong size, use this "harder" procedure:

     B. Be assured the computer file of the full-size picture you are looking at, after you click on one of the thumbnails and a full-size picture opens in its own new window, is an exact copy of the original paperdoll I have at home. In the "1" s and "0"s inside its file, it has not been resized either up or down, not even a little, despite the way your computer is displaying it and the way your computer and printer seem to be mishandling it. Just right-click on the "large" picture that opened in its own window, choose "save as"  and fill-in a name for your file and a place on your computer where you want it to be stored . All pictures on my site are JPEG format, you want to make sure ".jpg" is the file extension when you save them. Remember the name and storage location you assigned. Write it down on paper if necessary. Then, open your regular photo editor or graphics program, choose "open" or "file open", fill in, or browse to, the filename and location you chose. The picture will open inside your photo editor or graphics program - then print it from inside that program. 

     Good Luck! If you still have any problems, write me and I'll try to provide more help.


Copyright 2003, Lone Nunnally
All Rights Reserved.