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Happy Holidays 2016!

Issue 32! 
Who would have thought it would go on this long? Certainly not me!
I have had a very trying Spring, Summer, and Fall. 
My mother’s husband died in early July.
I spent the next three months taking care of my mother, 
cleaning out their condo, and finding a nursing home. 
I had no idea that getting someone into a nursing home
would be so difficult. 
Anyway, I have been going back and forth between
here and Virginia Beach every few weeks for the past 2 months. 
With all that is going on, Steve and I have pushed our retirement a year.
I don’t know how I managed to put this issue together... 
while keeping the sales list updated. 
But it is done now, and I think this is a very fun issue. 
I have done something I have never done before:  using paper doll ads.  
I was in a paper doll Christmas cards exchange for 6 years - 
and am sharing some of the creative work of so many paper doll enthusiasts.
I haven’t put names on every card, but will be happy to provide them if
someone needs to know.   I apologize beforehand to all the artists.
I sincerely thank everyone for their ordering of paper dolls. 
In the New Year, I will be putting many of my favorites on the sales list.
Even with all the sales, I still have a room full of paper dolls. 
I am beginning to see a few empty shelves, though not nearly enough.
I’m wishing everyone a happy holiday season, 
and hopes for a better new year!

With all that said, let’s play paper dolls!

Love from Lone








 If you have problems printing the dolls, read this.

Thought you might like to see where all the paper dolls on Origamibears live.


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