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All of the dolls on Paper Doll III are from countries around the world, many of them sent to me by some of the friends I have made through Origamibears. I have been contacted by people from everywhere; it still amazes me how many collectors are actually out there.

The following are an assortment of foreign paper dolls, enjoy.
I recently discovered a book about Kravelenisser, the little elves that take over Christmas in Scandinavia. I grew up in

Copenhagen with my mormor, grandmother, and every December we would put these little elves all over the house. When I moved to America I took many of these elves with me and taught my four children all about the Danish elves. we would faithfully put them all over the house. When their school friends visited they would be spellbound all the elves that lived in our house. Yes, I still put them up in my home and have on previous Origamibears issues shared some of the Kravelenisser from my childhood.

The book is called "Nisser Her, Der og Alle Vegne" ( Nisser Here, There and Everywhere). I purchased it from the writer whose name is Anders Hjorth-Joegensen.  The book is wonderful and full of fantastic pictures of all the nisser created by Federik Bramming. When Anders sent the book he included 2 large sheets of Kravelenisser, the originals by Frederick. (copies) . I share them here with you.




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