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     I've learned a lot about paperdolls the last couple of years by studying newsletters. Some were published years ago; I just never new about them. How different my paperdoll collection would have been if I had only known! Some great newsletters are still in regular publication. I follow some from different countries. Here are some descriptions and contact information for some of my favorites, so you can learn more about them on your own.


American Newsletters


OPDAG.JPG (169575 bytes)

OPDAG ("Other Paper Doll Artist Group")

Newsletter for new and established paperdoll artists to show off their work.
Features Dress-A-Doll, a paperdoll in each issue that the readers make outfits for and submit to OPDAG for the next issue. For example, to the left is a picture of the Summer '03 issue - it features the outfits that readers made for the "Big and Beautiful" doll contained in the Spring '03 issue.


REVIEW.JPG (175331 bytes)  

Paper Doll Review

Great articles about paperdolls and paperdoll artists. 

My favorite feature is called "Between the Covers" - shows an entire paperdoll book, front cover, rear cover, and all the sheets of clothes in between them.

I also like "Playtime with Sandy". I wish I had a couple of friends I could play paperdolls with, like Sandy does.


PDPAL.JPG (293947 bytes) Paper Doll Pall

Feature articles in each issue.
Also, pictures of paperdoll discoveries that readers have sent him.
I learn something in every issue.

NOWTHEN.JPG (261022 bytes)


Now and Then

A lot of fun reading plus great pictures of paperdolls.
One article featured Jewish paperdolls. 
Also asks questions and readers send in answers. Example: "What's the most unusual first name of a real person you are aware of?" ["Lone"!]
Also has an auction in each issue.

Arlene Del Fava
67-40 Yellowstone Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY   11375


CORNERS.JPG (159446 bytes)



A newsletter from California. The editor is Deanna Williams.
Each issue is themed. Summer 2003 was "Shop 'til You Drop!" - 
it showed every possible paperdoll shopper and paper stores.
I love the Fruitland Chronicles, a continuing saga in the city of Fruitland. The chronicle installment in each issue coincides with the theme of that particular issue - so, the title for Summer 2003's episode was, "Bargain Shopping".


GOLDENO.JPG (235799 bytes)  

Golden Opportunities

Great paperdoll articles and pictures.
Great pictures of "between" pages in paperdoll books.
Full centerfold paperdolls to color and cut.
Fun auctions in each issue.

Nan C. Moorehead
Box 252
Golden, CO   80402


LEGACY.JPG (188124 bytes) Legacy Pride

Beautiful paperdoll artwork by Donald Hendricks.

REBECCA.JPG (190816 bytes)  

Bonnie Holden's Book

Beautiful Victorian paperdoll book created by Bonnie Holden.
The issue on the left was the first one in a series all about Rebecca,
a young Victorian Lady growing up in Charleston, South Carolina,
around the time of the Civil War.


mikicov.jpg (214470 bytes)  

Fashion Etc.

A totally awesome 3 page newsletter with Miki's ultra-cool paperdolls -
one every month.

Miki Gross
1610 Bay Meadows Lane
Lady Lake, FL   32159-2202


OLDNL.JPG (216874 bytes) Paper Playthings, Past & Present

I was just looking through a pile of papers mixed in with some paperdolls I had bought at a local thrift store. I found an ad for a newsletter called "Paper Playthings, Past & Present" The fist issue came out in1963, this ad is from 1964. The editor and publisher was Joan Carol Kaltschmidt in Flushing, New York. The description of the newsletter is, "It covers all the news for the paper doll and paper toy collector. The first issue came out April, 1963, and met with overwhelming response. "P.P.pp" proved that paper item collecting is coming into it's own, and prints stories of current paperdoll artists, old paperdolls, and their identification, where to buy, contemporary commercial cut-outs  and artists, trades, exchanges, wants, foreign paper toys, and many other articles keeping you abreast of the world of paper dolls and toys." It goes on to say that if you're not happy with your first issue, your money will be refunded.The cost was $3.00 a year for 10 issues, with a Summer summary.
I would love to know - is anyone is familiar with this publication?
I would also be thrilled to purchase any issue, or even just a copy of one. 


English (UK) Newsletters


PDCIRCLE.JPG (146156 bytes)

The Paperdoll Circle

The only newsletter I know of published in England.
The 80th issue is coming out in November 2003, so it has been published for some time also.
Lorna Currie Thomopoulos is the editor.
This is a fun way to keep up with British Royal Family paperdolls and whatever else is new in England, paperdoll-wise.
There are always featured articles, like last issue's Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins (with lots of Mary Poppins paperdoll pictures,) and Holly Hobby with pictures of the cute Holly Hobby paperdoll American Greeting Cards.


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