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Marilee's Paperdolls Page IV Photo Albums by zuzax10 Paperdollparade
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Betsy McCall US Historical Society

Paper Dolls of your own kids

SoHo Galleries - paperdolls Vintage Paperdolls for sale
Denver Doll Emporium Arts Heaven Paper Reproductions (origami links)
Danish Paperdoll Sites Another great paper doll artist from Denmark is AnneLise Strųm. 
Her home page loads in Danish, but when it has finished loading, look for the 3rd animated figure down the left side of the page - waving a British flag. Click on that picture, and the page will reload in English.
AnnaLise's paperdolls Basically the same as above, but on a different server, sometimes has some slightly different paperdolls
Bente Fredsų Paperdoll artist in Denmark
Victoria's Palace Beautiful boutique website with famous Danish paperdolls and a little history. Not very good English support on the page, but if you have problems, you can just work things out via email or phone. 
Other Countries
Animation Grove England Sweden - a Swedish auction site. Can click on an English Flag at the top of the page to get most of the beginning navigation pages in English. There is an icon on the right of the individual item pages to bring up a key to the page layout so you can decipher the Swedish page. Shipping is not much worse than what you pay most eBay sellers, and more and more of their sellers are starting to use PayPal, so it's becoming much more realistic to buy from this site - the only old way to pay most of the sellers was international wire transfer - and the fee to your bank to do that cost way more than the total amount of money you'd be sending!
Coco & Co. Unusual ephemera for sale in Sweden. The items are there - it just takes some clicking on things to get used to the interface and find them.
Yahoo! Paperdoll Groups
Paper Doll Cafe Run by  Marianne Mathiasen in Denmark
Paper Doll Color Club
Paperdoll Addicts
Archie Fashion Pages .

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