For Sale

I would like to remind folk when you send me an order please pay within 7 days. I have several times held orders for people and then had others requesting to buy some of the paper dolls. I will not hold them for longer than 7 days. If you have a problem please let me know. Also, all orders have a minimum of $10.00, sometimes I have had to pack up and go to the post office for a $1.00 order. That is just too much trouble, of course, I can be flexible. Thanks

I will continue to update the list as time allows and try to keep on top of the items sold. Some of the pages are copies and I have noted that in the description, I didn't make these copies, they were included in several albums of the paper doll estate I purchased last year. I don't have room for all these extra copies but thought someone else might enjoy them. Remember buying them can save you money on paper and ink and many of these paper dolls are not for sale anywhere else. Just send me the numbers of the paper dolls you would like to order. I accept PayPal, checks, or money orders and will always try to send it the cheapest way possible.

This is your chance to shop in an old-fashioned type of paper doll shop. The variety is great and the prices are much lower than anywhere else. The list is updated regularly. Better than EBay where you end up paying too much. I'm starting to really dig into my vast collection because anything not sold will have to go into storage as Steve and I are retiring to travel the country in our 1961 Greyhound bus which has been converted in to an amazing RV. We plan to leave next fall. I'm going to do a  Origamibear holiday issue and then the last issue will be next Spring. I'm taking a huge loss in many of the sales, please don't complain about the postage, I have often paid out for postage. I will also start charging a small fee for PayPal users.

For any of the boxed sets I will be happy to flatten the box for easier mailing.

Thank you to those of you who have purchased paper dolls , I hope you will love and treasure them as much as I have..



 Lone Nunnally






#1 Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm was published by Whitman in 1964. This set has been cut but very nicely. Its in great shape, no bends on the dolls. $15.00
#2 Pebbles, Flintstone paper dolls published by Whitman in the early 60s.This is also a cut set but in great shape, no bends on the adorable Pebbles. $15.00
#3 Adorable little cut-outs, they seem to be made out of cloths but the back is paper. I have no idea where they are from. $1.00
#4 Baby go-Along was published by Whitman in 1968. The set is cut but in great shape, one doll has a minor neck bend. Cute clothes. $12.00


#5 Dream Girls a reproduction of the original by Shackman. Perfect $4.00
#6 Dolls of Many Lands, a Whitman paper doll box from 1931. The box is in sad condition only because all the end have been flattened. The cover is beautiful and not marred. Hildur of Sweden is uncut and in perfect condition.  All of the dolls and their clothes are in great condition. A really beautiful set. I can send you more detailed pictures if you are interested. $15.00
#7 This is a souvenir from the 2007 convention in Texas. It is one book with Carol Burnett and three outfits and Rene  Zellweger with 4 outfits. New. $5.00
#8 A copy of The Turnabouts Doll Book. $1.00
#9 Tina and Tony published by Samual Lowe, #131, in 1930. The book is uncut but seems to be missing 4 pages of clothing. The book is in good shape and very cute. $15.00
#10  Annette Cut-Outs by Whitman, #1956, published in 1962. Doll is in great condition with a very slight bend on her right arm. Clothes are OK. $4.00
#11 This is a fantastic Blondie set, Whitman 1945. it is cut out but everything is in top shape. I didn't take everything out of the pack but will be happy to answer any questions or take more pictures. $20.00
#12 Dolly Dingle's Sweetheart from the Pictorial Review August 1927. Great Condition. $2.00
#13 Scissors and Coloring Fun. 4 dolls with tons of clothes. free
#14 Copies of 3 Playhouse Dolly, Jill, Jane and Jo. On a cold Winter day a few years ago I made the copies and cut everything quite nicely. All in perfect shape. I have the originals plus many more of these Playhouse dolls, I'll sell them for $3.00 a piece, just let me know if you are interested. The 3 copies are $1.00
#15 Rita Hayworth Paper Doll Coloring Book by Ralph Hodgdon, 15 Fun Pages!  $6.00
#16 Maria Montez a paper doll coloring book by Ralph Hodgdon, 17 pages for you to color. $6.00
#17  2 Christmas cards by Judy Johnson. .50
#18 Beautiful paper doll set by Barb Rausch, each sheet is 12" by 18". Like new, $4.00
#19 Sally, a Queen Holden Cut Out. A 1985 reprint. Perfect condition. $5.00
#20 Hayley Mills in "That Darn Cat" published by Whitman in 1965. The set has been cut but in good condition. $5.00
#21 4 Push out Dolls to Dress published by Lowe in 1976. The book is uncut and in new condition. Great paper dolls to share with a young child. $4.00
#22 Beach Girls by Loretta Willis, copies. 8 pages $1.50
#23 Un-cut Russian paper doll book. $3.00
#24 Robinson Crusoe from September 1920 published in the Home Journal. This sheet is in good condition. A real treasure. $1.00
#25 Queen Holden's Glamour Girls with 4 paper dolls. This is an authorized reprint from the 1941 set. $5.00
#26 Mods matching paper dolls published by Whitman  in the 70s. The dolls and clothes have been cut. Everything is in great condition. $2.00
#27 Copy of Indian Paper Dolls by Artcraft. $1.00
#28  Uncut book from Russia, in great shape. $3.00
#29 Copy of Dutch Treat by Artcraft. $1.00


#30 NEW, paper doll fairy. Package never opened $3.00
#31 Thanksgiving card by Karen Reilly, like new. $2.00
#32 Paper doll book from Brazil, in new condition. $2.00
#33 Drowsy paper Doll, published by Whitman in 1965. The book is cut but all is accounted for. The doll has a neck bend. $3.00
#34 This is a copy of Judy Holliday done by The paper Doll Review.4 pages of clothes and 2 paper dolls, perfect condition. $3.00
#35  Ballet 19th Century Costumes by Charles Ventura. Like new, 20 pages. $20.00
#36 Adorable little old'fashioned girl by Current, it may be a copy. Tons of clothes cut out very nicely (by Me) $1.00
#37 A strange little paper doll booklet. .50
#38 Danish Troll Family, mom, dad and 2 kids. $1 .00
#39 Shrinking Violette, published by Whitman. The set has been cut but in good condition. This would be a fun set for small hands. $3.00
#40 My Doll Kit published by Dell Publishing Company. This book is cut but in fantastic shape. No bends on the dolls. I would guess it was published in the 50s. Great book  $ 5.00
#41 3 pages from The ladies Home Journal, The Irish Twins 1922, The Puritan Twins, 1922, and The Cave Twins 1922. Each page has an explation included. All in good shape. $7.00
#42 Bobby and Joan are by Queen Holden The book was republished by Merrimack in 1983. It is in new condition. 6 pages of uncut clothes. $4.00
#43 Spanish paper doll book. $1.00
#44 Storyland Paper Dolls published by Saalfield the early 60s This is a reprint of another Saalfield set, "The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe." The book has been cut but is in good condition. It's missing dolls #2 and #6. One little girl, #8,is missing her hand. It shows up in a picture. $5.00
#45  Baby Brother and Sister published by Whitman in 1958. Lots of cut clothing, dolls have no bends. One of my favorite baby sets. $10.00
#46 This is a reprint of a Jeannette McDonald set. In new condition. $4.00
#47 Polly Flinders Garden Party, like new. I used to go to a Polly flinders dress shop when my eldest daughter was young. Loved all those smocked dresses. $5.00
#48 This is a new recently published paper doll book. Very interesting, includes a handicapped paper doll. I paid $20.00 and will sell for $15.00
#49 Glamour World an uncut book by Checkerboard Press published in 1990.  $3.00
#50 Dionne Quints, this is a reprint by Shackman and Company, the book is like new. $5.00
#51 2 little post card by Charlotte Ware, 1939. They were restored in 2009. $1.00


#52 Debbie Reynolds published Whitman in 1962. The doll is in great shape and the clothes are cut but still look good. Also included is a separate Debbie Reynolds set. I didn't realize it was inside the folder. I can take a picture if you are interested. Both sets, $6.00
#53  Bambole, is an Italian paper doll book. New and great condition.This is not a sticker book. $2.00
#54 A Victorian Wedding by Betty Rolenz, printed in 1984. 16 fun pages to color. It is autographed, and in perfect condition. $4.00

#55  The Best of Doll Diary's Paper Dolls by Lauren Welker. These are some of the favorite paper dolls published in the newsletter Doll Diary. 26 pages of paper dolls in color and some in black and white. $6.00

#56 3 containers with 6 magnetic paper dolls. Tons of clothes which can used for all the dolls. This would be a great travel toy for a young girl in your life. $3.00
#57 Lauri Robinson's paper doll book, Paper Dolls and their Funky Clothes. $2.00
#58. Alice and Betty, Connie and Doris is a reproduction of an earlier set published in 1941. Perfect condition. $4.00
#59 Treasures in a trunk by Judy Johnson, 1988. Done for the "Gone with the Wind" paper doll convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Autographed and not a copy. $2.00
#60 Star Bright is a copy produced by The Paper Doll Review. 5 pages of clothes and 3 dolls. $4.00
#61 Flatsy Paper Dolls, Whitman published in 1969. This was a boxed set. The set is cut but in good condition. $3.00
#62 This is a copy of Play With Hansel and Gretel and the Gingerbread House. 13 pages.$2.00
#63 Kindergarten published by Saalfield in the 50s. Book is in perfect condition. $7.00
#64 Kopy Kat color and dress me doll book published by Whitman in 1971. The book is uncut and in good shape. $3.00
#65 Miranda a Bride by Pat Stall. There are 5 pages and in like new condition. $2.00
#66 Beauty by Kezi, from Beauty and the Beast. Autographed. 10 pages in perfect condition. $6.00
#67 Anya a paper doll by Charles Ventura, it's partially colored, free

#68 Kimono Girls by Alina M. Kolluri. 12 pages. $2.00, new.

#69 Peter and Pam published by Whitman, #1974, in 1961. This is a well loved and played with set. The original owner made a special place for Peter and Pam inside the folder. The dolls are in great shape both front and back, no bends. $4.00
#70 Un-cut paper doll sheet from Germany. $2.00
#71 Black and white paper dolls cut out of newsletters. $1.00
#72 Flatsy paper doll book published by Whitman in 1970. The book is cut but in good condition. I did notice one of the dolls is missing hand. Tons of clothes. $2.00
#73 Paper dolls by Queen Holden, 2 separate books both uncut and in new condition. Published by Merrimack in 1983. $6.00
#74 9 pages of fun Barbie paper dolls some by Barb Rausch, I can't make out the signature on some of the others. 2 pages has an outfit missing but the rest are in great condition. 1 page has the signature of Paul Meyer? $4.00
#75  Strawberry Sue paper Doll published by Whitman in 1979. Perfect condition. $3.00
#76 Reproductions of an earlier set of the Dionne Quints. All 6 books are in perfect condition, I paid $6.00 for each book but will sell it all for $12.00
#77 This is a really cute Betty Boop magnet set. it has never been opened. I paid $20.00 and will sell for $12.00
#78   3 fun cut and color paper doll books. They are all new. $4.00
#79 Margaret's Little brother, Bobby Butterick, Children. This is the original paper doll sheet from the September 1913 Delineator. Great shape. $2.00
#80 Magazine paper doll by Judy Johnson, published in Dolls,1989. .50
#81 Pollykins Pudge says Goo.An original paper doll sheet from McCall's Magazine for July 1919. In great shape. $2.00
#82 Myrna Loy a fun coloring book by Ralph Hodgdon, 14 pages, $6.00
#83 Giant Size Busy book published by Gallery Graphics. This is a reproduction of an antique activity book. Fantastic fun. Like new $5.00
#84 This is a Swedish magazine from 2010. Has a great paper doll centerfold of the three Swedish Princesses. I think part of this magazine is a reprint from the 1940s. $2.00
#85 A copy of Musical Majorettes published by Saalfield. $2.00
#86 Baby Go Bye-Bye published by Whitman 1971. The book has been cut but everything is in good shape. $2.00
#87 Moulin Rouge by Jim Faraone. Plus Jared a real boy, only one page of Jared showing. $1.00
#88 2 really fun sticker story books. $1.00
#89 The Beary Best Paper Doll Book, published by the build a bear company. The book is uncut. $1.00
#90  2 Spanish paper dolls, not copies. $1.00
#91  2 Spanish paper dolls, not copies. $1.00
#92 This is a copy of Polly and Molly in Fancy Dresses. $2.00
#93 Fun project to do with a young child in your life, design your own bear..50
#94 3 Madame Alexander paper dolls from a doll magazine. $1.00
#95 Paper Doll Greeting Cards by Peggy Jo Rosamund. The book is like new. $2.00
#96 Paper doll book from Brazil. $1.00
#97 Neighborhood Kids published by Whitman in 1980. Uncut and in great condition. $3.00
#98 Variety of black and white paper dolls. .50
#99 magazine paper dolls, Elizabeth has 2 extra dresses not shown $3.00
#100 Simply Sam paper doll, a Whitman Book published in 1980. Uncut and in great condition. $4.00
#101  A copy of Pert and Pretty, very cute. The pictures are out of focus but the paper dolls are not.$2.00
#102 Dress Your Bear published   in Hong Kong and sold in Canada. Uncut and in like new condition. $3.00
#103 Marie Osmond published by Artcraft in 1968. The book is uncut and in good condition. I noticed a hat has fallen off on one of the pages. $20.00
#104  The Sunshine Family published by Whitman in 1978. Book is uncut and in good condition. $4.00
#105 2 magazine articles from Doll Reader, Old Catalogs Were Paper Doll Factories and The Passing Parade: Political Paper Doll Personalities. free
#106 4 post cards by Judy Johnson, new. $2.00
#107  Dollies to paint, cut-out, and dress. Book is uncut and in new condition. A reprint by Merrimack in 1982. $3.00
#108 Betty Grable, a fun coloring book by Ralph Hodgdon, 16 pages. $6.00
#109 Patchy Annie published by Artcraft in 1972. Book is uncut and in perfect condition. $5.00
#110 Mother Goose paper dolls published by Artcraft in the 50s. The book is uncut and in perfect condition. $6.00
#111 This is a beautiful set by Helen Page, 2 dolls and 5 pages of clothing. Like new. $8.00
#112 Another beautiful set by Helen Page, A Regency Lady of Quality. I guess I should take new pictures that are not blurry, perhaps if I can fond the time. $8.00
#113  The Judgment of Paris, A Romance of Ancient Greece by Helen Page, 1989.4 beautiful pages plus cover. $6.00
#114 Fun copies of paper dolls, .50
#115 Copy of June and Stu Erwin, Stars of the TV Show "Trouble with Father". $1.00
#116 Black and white paper dolls cut out of paper doll newsletters. .50
#117 7 pages with Folk Dances of the Nations. They are reproductions but not copies Published by Marrimack in 1989. $4.00
#118 Mary Dress'N'Play published by Whitman 1969.The book is very nicely cut out, no bends on dolls. $3.00
#119 An  assortment of Scandinavian paper dolls, 0nly 2 copies . $2.00
#120 This is an Italian Christmas activity book, very cool and like new. $1.00
#121 Paper doll by Judy Johnson, Poinsette, Island Showgirl. I used her last year for one of the intros of Origamibears so she is partially cut out. .50
#122 Tepee Paper Dolls published by Artcraft, uncut and in great condition. 5 pages w of clothes. $4.00
#123 Sandy and Sue published by Whitman in 1963. The book is cut but in great condition. $4.00
#124 An uncut and like new set of The Little Princess Paper Dolls illustrated by Judith Sutton and published by Harper Festival. Everything is intact and really fun. $4.00
#125 This is a coloring book created for the 1997 National paper Doll Convention in Houston, Texas, some of the contributing artists include Larry Bassin, Deanna Williams, and Brenda Sneathen Mattox. $8.00
#126 4 little cards by Judy Johnson, one is missing its envelope. All like new. $3.00
#127 2 uncut pages of Spanish paper dolls, very nice. $1.00
#128 Russian paper doll book in perfect condition. $1.00
#129 4 pages of Spanish paper dolls. $2.00
#130 Pajama Party by Discovery Toys, 1991.New, never used. $6.00
#131 Sweet-Treat Kiddles published by Whitman in 1969. The book has been cut out very nicely. They are modeled from the little Kiddles dolls very popular in the early 60s I remember I had the little blond baby. Lots of cute clothes. $2.00
#132  I Love Lucy, a calendar published in 2009. It has never been opened, $8.00
#133 Casual Friday paper doll book published by Random House in 2001. New, $2.00
#134 A Wonder and cut paper doll book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the book is uncut and in great shape. $4.00
#135 Dress Doll Sarah. This is a Uniset by Margit Brandt from Denmark. It has never been out of its package. $2.00
#136 Uniset paper doll from Denmark. The package has been opened but the doll and her clothes are in perfect condition. $2.00
 #137 Paris the heiress, a paper doll book . The book is like new and very fun. $3.00
#138 Precious Paper Dolls by Cynthia Erfurt Musser published by Hobby House in 1985. The book is in perfect condition. 238 pages of fun and information on paper dolls. Great find for the serious collector. $20.00
#139 A cute little Danish paper doll with tons of clothes to color, like new. $3.00
#140This is a book of Spanish paper dolls, 18 paper dolls each with an extra sheet with clothes. This is a copy of the originals but extremely well done. $10.00
#141 Little Spanish paper doll, on the back of the folder she has 4 outfits to be cut out. free
#142 Charming paper Dolls by Lucille Wallace. This is a reprint done by Shackman & Company in 1998. New condition except for a small defect on the back page, upper left you can see it on the picture. doesn't affect anything. $3.00
#143 Little Miss Christmas published by Merrill in 1965. Some of the clothing has not been cut out, the only major flaw I see is that someone has chewed little Miss Christmas feet off. Perhaps you have this set but need some of the clothes. I had meant to make her some new feet but just didn't get around to it. $4.00

#144 Paper Doll of Famous Faces by Jean Woodcock published by Hobby House in 1980. The book is in perfect shape. I hate to sell it but I am trying to down size. $40.00 firm

#145 Out Hollywood Way by Sandra Vanderpool, 1987.8 fun pages includes sets for the film. $8.00

#146 Genevieve, The Velvet Touch Paper Doll is published by The Gates group in 1984. The paper doll has a velvet feel and all the clothes have that feel on the back so they stick to the doll. I cut one little skirt and top out to see if it really works and it does. There are 2 pages of clothing in color and 9 for you to color. I have a whole album full of these paper dolls and just want to see if anyone is interested.  I took a picture of one of the sheets back but the felt like material doesn't really show I didn't take pictures of all 9 black and white pages..$4.00


#147 This is a copy (I think) from a paper doll souvenir from the 10th annual paper doll luncheon with paper doll art by John Axe, Jim Faraone, Karen Prince and Richard Rusnock. Very interesting, 8 pages. $3.00

#148 4 pages of Spanish paper dolls, $2.00

#149 2 sheets of Spanish paper dolls, $1.00

#150 Glamour Girls is a magnetic paper doll set. The package has never been opened. Fun for a child in your life. Great to have for a road trip (for the kids) $2.00



#151 Small German paper doll book, Johanne Luise Heiberg 1812-1890. Beautifully done. New, $3.00

#152  hello Kitty, Hello Halloween. A fun little book with paper dolls. The book is like new. $4.00

#153 Heidi, Hildy, and Jan Paper Dolls, published by Whitman in 1967. Folder in great shape, the dolls have some bends and clothes in good shape. Really cute set. $2.00

#154 This is an uncut sheet from Norway. $1.00

#155 New. Paper doll fairy, package never opened. $2.00
#156 Danish paper doll book, not in great shape as someone has scribbled in the pages with a pencil. The dolls are clear but the clothes have a few marks. $1.00
#157 Toodles, A Walking Paper Doll. Published by Artcraft. The book has been cut out very nicely by me. Cute book. $2.00


#158 A group of small paper doll books, all in good shape and uncut. 2 from Finland, 1 from Spain, and a little American baby. $2.00
#159 I have a complete collection of the Peck-Gandre fairy tale paper dolls and am unfortunately having to sell them. First Robin Hood and Maid Marian, package has never been opened. These paper doll sets are truly beautiful. $4.00
#160 Cheerful, Tearful 2 Magic Stay-on Dolls. By Mattel published in 1966. This is a boxed set but the box has been taken apart so only the top is still here. I'm often tempted to do this with my boxed sets because they take up so much storage space. However, this set is in perfect condition with all the clothes uncut. Very cute. $3.00
#161 4 Misty comic books by Trina Robbins, autographed, like new. All have paper dolls. $3.00

#162 Magazine paper dolls, $2.00

#163 Nancy and Her Dolls, published by Saalfield in 1944. The front cover is a copy I made but the back cover is still intact. Nancy, the large paper doll has neck bends and knee bends. Everything else in good shape considering its age. Its even older than me. There are 10 pages of uncut clothes and many more clothes that has been cut. Its a great set, one of my favorites. I may try to sell this one on EBay. $20.00

#164 Sweetie Pie Twins published by Stephen Publishing Company in 1949. The book is uncut and in fair condition, the only flaw I see is on the front page where it looks like someone put a piece of tape at the top and had discolored a small spot. Everything else is great. $4.00

#165 Fancy Nancy, Halloween or Bust. Fun little book with a Nancy paper doll, clothes, and a story.  The book is new and cost $5.00. Its your for $2.00
#166. A beautiful book , artwork by Barb Rausch and painted by Jim Faraone. 1998 The name of the book is Through the ages with fashion doll makeovers. 6 beautiful pages. $8.00

#167 Peck-Grande Goldilocks and the Three Bears. $4.00

#168 Mod Macthmates, a Whitman set published in 1970. This is a cut set, the original dolls have neck bends. Lots of fun clothes. Included is a copy of the set. $2.00

#169 Betty Boop Goes to Hollywood. Fun set, like new. $3.00
#170 Peck-Gandre's Prince Charming and Snow White. The packages have never been opened. $5.00
#171 This is Mary, Denmark's crown princess, she is married to the Danish prince who will be next king. She is from a Danish magazine and was created by Jette Norager. 2 paper dolls with 6 pages of clothes. $3.00

#172 Winking Winny, a Whitman paper doll from 1969. $1.00

#173 This is a little book I purchased a number of years ago at Smithsonian Museum of American History. It is a visual guide to the ultimate fashion doll, Barbie. The book is actually fantastic with tons of pictures which will bring all Barbie into the past. Book is in perfect condition. $2.00


#174 Queen Holden's Peggy and Peter published by Lowe in 1962. This is a cut set, Peter has serious bends in his neck. Tons of clothing in good shape. $1.00

#175 Great black and white paper doll sheets, they were part of a book by Mike Brown. These are the last pages and there are @20 front and back paper dolls. I', only showing a few of them but if you are interested I will give more detail. They would be great to use in a history class room. $10.00

#176 Spanish paper doll book, like new. $2.00

#177 Peck-Gandre Little Red Riding Hood, perfect condition. When I was a little girls someone read the Red Riding Hood story to me and I had nightmares for 2 years. I thought the wolf was going to come and eat my granny and me. Oh, How I suffered. Yes, I led a very sheltered childhood. $4.00

#178 Three Pretty Girls, published by Whitman in 1943.The dolls have a few ankle bends and one has the lower part of her shoe missing and another is missing her right hand. Tons of clothes and I should mention the clothes are flocked. Considering the age I think it is in good condition. $10.00
#179 Uncut book in good condition. We're Twins published by Whitman in 1981. $3.00

#180 Black and white paper doll cut from a newsletter. .50

#181  Carnival of the Animals by Jessie Paul Brown. I don't think this is a copy. $1.00

#182 A variety of paper doll children from various sets, no clothes. $1.00

#183 2 Go Girl comic books by Trina Robbins, both have paper dolls. $2.00

#184 Danish king and queen from a post card. Cut and one dress missing. Small copy of the card to show how it looked. .free with a $10.00 purchase.
#185 Danielle and the lace collar, printed in Italy and sold in England. The book includes a story. Perfect condition. $3.00
#186 Peck-Grande Alice in Wonderland, like new. $4.00

#187 Doll Dressing from England, includes a story. Perfect condition. $2.00

#188 Fun group of black and white paper dolls, copies. $1.00

#189 Peck-Gandre Cinderella, new. $4.00

#190 Assortment of Danish magazine paper dolls. $1.00

#191 Cute little copy of a girl and her wrap-around clothes. There are several more sheets with clothes. free

#192 Peck-Gandre Sleeping Beauty, new $4.00

#193 Jeannie and gene a Lowe set published in 1975. This is a cut set but in great condition. The cover is the only part of the folder left. $1.00
#194 paper dolls from Italy. This would be a fun set for a young child. $1.00
#195   Peck-Gandre Beauty and the Beast, the set has been opened but everything is intact. $2.00
#196 Peck-Gandre Heidi, new. $4.00

#197  7 Supplement to Advertising Paper Dolls written by Maria K. Krebs, the articles are from Doll Reader in 1980. I have 4 albums full of paper doll articles published in the Doll   magazines and will be selling them over time Each sleeve has at least 2 pages. free

#198 Blondie, The Bumstead Family History. This is close to 300 pages of Blondie cartoons. Book is in new condition. $6.00

#199 This is a cut set published by Saalfield in 1942.  The dolls are in perfect shape same for the tons of clothes. The dolls are Sally Arden, Jane Arden, and Maxine Freeman. $8.00

#200 A copy of a Kim Novak set, very nice. $1.00

#201 A copy of Let's Play Wedding, complete with props and paper dolls. $1.00
#202 Really nice Spanish paper doll book. Great dolls with lots of clothes. $2.00

#203 Mopsy and Popsy paper doll book Published by Lowe in 1976. The book is uncut and in great condition. Good paper doll book for small hands to cut out. $2.00

#204   Peck-Gandre The little Mermaid, new. $4.00

#205 Peck-Gandre The Secret Garden, new $4.00
#206 Peck-Gandre Rapunzel, new $4.00

#207 An uncut Golden book by Walt Disney, Cinderella. Perfect condition. $2.00

#208 Wispy Walker Paper Doll is a Whitman book published in 1976. In great condition. $3.00
#209 Betsy McCall paper doll book published by Saalfield in the 50s. Uncut and in great condition. $3.00

#210  Double Date paper dolls, uncut like new. $2.00

#211 Crazy black and white paper dolls, I have no idea where I got these..50

#212 Fun combination of Danish magazine paper dolls. $1.00

#213 Reproductions of the original Dilly Dollies. 2 pieces of clothing missing from the last page. $2.00

#214  Pretty Belles is a Whitman set published in 1955. It is a cut set but everything is in great condition. $3.00

#215 Party Time, uncut like new. $2.00
#216 Stitch and sew., Paper dolls, 16 sets to color. This book was published in 1977 by Tower Press. Great condition. $8.00

#217 Janie and Jackie and their books by John Axe, 1997. It has 4 pages with lots of fun books to cut out for the paper dolls. $8.00

#218 Copy of the Gale Storm paper doll book. $1.00

#219 Copy of June Allyson paper doll book. $1.50


#220 Inserts from the Danish newsletter P.D. Bladet. The last two are copies of Spanish paper dolls. $3.00

#221 Copy of Elizabeth paper doll book. $1.50

#222  From the Cartoon Network a fun and crazy paper doll book called Fashion Headquarters. The book is new. The clothes have to be cutout.


#223 Peek-a-boo Baby published by Whitman in 1981. Book is cut but in great shape. $2.00

#224 Paper doll book from Brazil, new. $1.00

#225 8 paper doll party invitations. Like new. I have 2 boxes and each is $8.00. There are 2 sheets for each invitation.
#226 Hair-Do Dolls by Queen Holden. Reprint published in 1983. $6.00
#227 Alice in Wonderland a Whitman set published in 1976. The book is uncut and in great condition. $4.00

  • #228 2 pretty Young Ladies published by Children's Books LTD- Stafford. The book is uncut and in  great shape. $3.00

#229 Sophie, Goddess of Wisdom by Sara DeGroat Cole, 2000. Not a copy. $1.00
#230 3 different paper dolls by Jeannine Gliwski, 1987. 3 pages of Chantal, 2 pages for Crystal and 2 pages of a unique little flower paper doll called Glory.  Not copies, autographed.$2.00

#231 Baby Cheerful Tearful published by Whitman in the 70s. Book is uncut and in great shape. $3.00

#232 "Little Busybodies" by Frances Tipton Hunter, published by Dover in 1988. The back cover page has a tiny rip at the top. $3.00

#233 Sunny Magic paper doll. This was a boxed set but I flattened the box for easier storage. The doll and clothes are in great condition. $3.00

#234 Fashion Fun, like new. $2.00

#235 Fun paper dolls from Gloria Larsen, 1987. $2.00

#236 Baby Brother Tender Love published by Whitman in 1977. Book is uncut and in great shape. $3.00


#237 A copy of Lydia, published by Whitman in the 1960s. This is not a complete set. .free

#238  Ikki, Mary, , Lady Rose, and Celeste by Jeannine Gliwski, and Cinderella,  not copies, autographed. $3.00
#239 Anne of Green Cables by Betnick Publications, 1991. Anne and her friend Diana Barry. 4 pages, not copies. $2.00
#240 Copy of Grace Kelley paper doll book. $1.50
#241 8 party invitations. There are 2 sheets for each $8.00
#242 Spanish paper doll book, great shape. $1.00
#243 Junior Paper Dolls published by Saalfield in 1945, which was a reprint from an earlier set called School Girls published in 1942. There are no bends in any of the 4 dolls, all clothes is in perfect condition, some are uncut. $15.00
#244 Teen Model published by Whitman in 1968. Most of the clothes in uncut. The 5 dresses which are cut are in excellent condition as is everything else. The doll has a small tear along the left side of her face, see picture.$2.00
#245 Beautiful Paper dolls is a reproduction from a set from the 40s. The artist was Betty Campbell. Like new, $2.00
#246 Paper doll book from Spain, new. $2.00
#247 Through the Ages with fashion doll makeover by Barb Rausch, painted by Jim Faraone. Beautiful boo. $4.00  
#248 Two paper dolls, free.

#249  Gone with the Wind paper dolls by Betnick Productions, 1987. 6 pages, not copies. Includes 2 backdrops for your paper doll fun.$7.00

#250 Fabulous Follies by Judy Johnson. The clothes are cut and beautifully decorated with glitter. This is an awesome set and like new. Only a few pieces of clothing is shown. $15.00

#251 Uncut paper doll book from Russia. $2.00

#252 Through the Ages with Fashion Doll Makeovers, artwork is by Barb Rausch and painting by Jim Faraone, 1998. 6 beautiful pages. $6.00

#253 Carol Sue and Her Friends Paper Dolls. An original published by Saalfield in 1948. Great condition. $6.00
#254  Anne of Green Cables part 2 by Betnick Productions, 1991. Not copies. $2.00
#255 Sweetheart paper dolls is a reproduction from a set from the 40s. Book is new. $3.00
#256 This tiny paper doll set must have been something you could send off for. It's called Dolly's Trunk and produced as an advertisement for Warner's corsettes and brassieres. $5.00
#257 Copy of Photo Fashions, 3 cut-out dolls. $2.00
#258  This is a group of originals cut out of a Ladies Home Journal in the 1940s. $1.00
#259 Ginny a beautiful little doll.. I bought her a few years ago at an antique fair. She is in perfect condition and in original clothes, her hair is still in the hair net. $20.00
#260 Peter Pig and Grandma are from the Children's Playmate magazine. There is a tiny corner missing on the lower right side, doesn't effect anything. $1.00
#261 Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner a Saalfield set from 1942. Abner is a copy but Daisy is the original with tons of beautiful clothes. $3.00
#262 7 uncut Swedish magazine paper dolls. Plus 2 that has been cut. $4.00
#263 2 cute little Italian paper dolls, unopened, new. $2.00
#264 Daisy May and Li'l Abner, Saalfield $2387 from 1942. Abner is again a copy but Daisy is the original and much of the grandmother and grandfather is too, dolls and pig is original.. In great condition. $7.00
#265 7 pages of paper doll fun. One little paper doll with international dresses from around the world. The artist is Jill Michaelson and the set was created in 1990. $2.00


#266 I'm not sure who this glamorous couple is but it is a Saalfield, #2389, 1942. Dolls and clothes are in great shape. $4.00
#267 More black and white paper dolls. $1.00

8 little Spanish paper dolls, I can't decide if they are copies or not. They were sent to me from a collector in Spain. $2.00

#269 Copies of 2 little cuties. $1.00
#270 I don't know who these adorable children are but they are in great shape as is their clothes. $5.00
#271 Push-Out paper dolls and dresses is a Saalfield set from 1946. The set is cut but the clothes have been carefully kept nice. , the dolls on the front have come loose but still intact. Considering this set is from 1946 its in great shape. $20.00
#272 Schoolmates was published by Lowe in the 50s. It has the same dolls as the Lollypop Crowd which was published in 1945. The doll on the front have come undone from the page but are in perfect condition. The book is uncut and very cute. $15.00
#273 Rosebud published by Whitman in 1978. The book is uncut and in great shape. $10.00
#274 Lucy Locker was published by the Merrill Company in the late 40 or early 50s. The book is uncut and in perfect shape. $20.00
#275 5 Swedish magazine paper dolls, $1.00
#276 Anyone need a prince in their collection? well here he is and he is looking for a princess, any princess. free
#277 Japanese   Lucky dolls, 4 sheets all intact. $5.00
#278 43 lovely ladies with lots of clothes. $2.00
#279 Mrs. Beasley from the television show Family Affair. My eldest daughter had the Mrs. Beasley doll. The book is very nicely cut out. $3.00
#280 3 lovely ladies from the Bob and Betty set, 1945. free
#281 2 sets of antique paper dolls from Barcelona, not copies and in perfect condition. 4 pages. $10.00
#282 Connie Francis with tons of clothes, from the Lowe set published in 1963. $2.00
#283 Mama's Attic by Donna Chapman. I picked this up in an antique shop. It has paper dolls and clothes and tons of pattern. Very nice. $3.00
#284 3 articles from Pat Frey's paper People.$1.00
#285 This is a copy of High School Dolls published by Merrill. 10 pages of fun. $2.00

#286 Peg, Nan, Kay, Sue by Whitman #1995 published in 1966.This is a cut set with dolls and clothing in great shape. $6.00
#287 Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake by Marilyn Henry, 1971. 4 great pages, $6.00

#288  Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire by Marilyn Henry, 1971. 4 pages, $6.00
#289  Copy of Look-Alike cut-out dolls. $2.00

#290 Tricia Nixon, Artcraft. New and perfect condition. $2.00

#291 Mini Moppets published by Saalfield, the set is uncut and in good condition. $4.00

#292 Cry Baby Beans published by Whitman in 1973, the book is uncut and in good condition. $4.00

#293 Louisa by Inger Anderson, a very popular Danish paper doll artist. Two pages of pure delight, autographed. $3.00

#294 Reprint of Queen Holden's Hair-Do Dolls. Perfect and in new condition. $8.00

#295  Kate Greenway by Kathy Albert, book is new. $2.00

#296 Another beautiful paper doll by Inger Anderson, the clothes are exquisite. Not a copy. $2.00


#297 White House Paper Dolls with the Nixons. Uncut and like new. $2.00

#298 Russian paper doll book, new. $2.00

#299 Victorian Cat Family by Evelyn Gathings, I love Evelyn's books because each page is filled with so many extras. $3.00

#300 Victorian Mouse by Crystal Collins Sterling, again each page is filled with fun. Book is new. $3.00

#301 This is a really cool book, Fashion through the ages by Margaret Knight and illustrated by Kim Dalziel. It starts in the Roman Empire and finishes with the 1960s. On every page you lift up the clothing to see what they are wearing underneath. Each page has a fold out to the left of the page which I didn't photograph. If you need more info email me. $20.00

#302 Full House published by Golden in 1992. The book is uncut and in great condition. $8.00

#303 Travels with Happy Bear published in 1985 by Troubador Press. Uncut, uncolored and in good condition. Very cute. $8.00



#305 Danish sheet with an adorable family, I don't have any clothes but have often wanted to sit down and dress all of them but, alas, not enough time. Seems lately there have not been enough hours in a day for me. All these paper dolls are really attractive. $1.00

#306 Spanish paper doll book, I think the children look very much like the American Little Kiddles. The book is uncut and in great shape, the clothes are really cute. $2.00

#307 Marie, Scandinavian Model another paper doll by Inger Anderson. Not a copy and autographed. 4 pages. $4.00

#308 Paper Doll Portrait, by Peggy Rosamond. A really lovely book. $3.00

#309 Dolly Dears published by Whitman, 1969. The book is uncut and in decent shape. $3.00

#310 Teddy Bears published by Whitman. Uncut and in great condition. This would be a good book for little hands to cut out. $2.00

#311  2 Danish Pop Stars paper doll books. $1.00
#312 Candy Kid and Honey Paper Dolls by John Axe, 1997, uncut and really cute, in new condition $2.00
#313 Hugs and Cuddles Teddy Bear Paper Dolls published by Troubador Press in 1988. The back cover unfolds to show a little house, very cute. $10.00
#314 This is a 5 page paper doll book from Germany printed in 1988. $20.00
#315 2 Swedish paper dolls cut from magazines. I think the male paper doll is Michael Landon. free
#316 2 paper doll cards. $3.00
#317  Queen Holden's Peggy and Peter paper dolls, published by Shackman in 1988. Still in plastic cover, like new. $15.00
#318 The Official J.A.P. paper doll book, a stunning fashion collection for a Jewish American prince and Princess published in 1983 by New American Library. The book is uncut and very fun. $10.00
#319 Disney Princess paper doll from the Mid-East. $1.00
#320 Tiny Chatty Twins paper dolls, Whitman Publishing 1963. Both dolls have a few bends on their arms but nothing serious. Clothing cut but in fantastic shape. $3.00
#321 The Modern Miss in paper dolls published in 1942 by Saalfield, this is the original copy, it's uncut and really, really cool. $30.00
#322 dition. $4.00
#323 The Dick Van Dyke Show by Joe Urso Jr..50
#324 Francie With Growing Pretty Hair, Published by Whitman 1973. 1 doll with tons of clothes and accessories. $3.00
#325 Copy of Joan Caulfield paper dolls and dresses.6 pages. $1.50
#326 Copy of Beautiful Models and party dresses. 13 pages, $1.00
#327  2 paper doll cards. $2.00
#328 2 sheets by Tom King, 1991. free
#329 A paper doll book from England, very nice. $3.00
#330 2 page paper doll by Tom King. free
#331 Dolls of Far Off Lands Published in 1969 by Platt and Munk. Paper dolls and clothes by Queen Holden. The dolls are in good shape except for Juan from Mexico, he seems to have some scrapes on his legs, note picture.. $4.00
#334 Copy of The Story Princess, from the TV show "The Story Princess" starring Alene Dalton. 5 pages. $1.00  
#335 Copy of Million Dollar Dolls. 7 pages. $2.00
#336 Strawberry Sue published by Whitman, uncut and in perfect condition. $8.00
#337 My Boutique, a really cool paper doll book from Italy. Uncut and in good condition. $3.00
#338 Sweetie Doll, made of teakwood. Published by Whitman in 1953. Adorable paper doll with clothes, some still uncut. $5.00
#339  My Very Best friend paper dolls, published by Whitman in 1972. 2 dolls with lots of clothes some still uncut. $4.00
#340 Copy of June and Stu Erwin with Jackie and Joyce. Stars of the TV show "Trouble with Father". 6 pages, $2.00
#341 Playmates by Whitman published in 1958, #2092. 3 of the dolls have not been punched out and the 4th is included in good shape. 6 pages uncut and the one outfit which has been cut out is present. Everything is in decent shape except the cover itself, it looks like a baby sister or brother tried to take a small bite out of the lower right corner. Could have been my own youngest, Steve, who had to taste almost everything in our house when he was a baby. $8.00
#342  My Boutique paper doll book from Italy. Uncut and in good condition. $4.00
#343 Paper doll book from Brazil, new. $1.00
#344 Copy of Hollywood Glamour. 6 pages. $2.00
#345 Little Danish baby in much played with condition. .50
#346 2 Spanish Princesses. .50
#347 Angelina's Press and Dress Book, this is a fun book especially if you have a young child in your life. The book is like new. $2.00
#348 Flatsy paper Dolls, published by Whitman in 1969. 3 dolls in perfect condition and tons of clothes in good condition. $10.00
#349 As You Like It by John Axe, 1990. 3 pages in great condition and autographed. $3.00
#350 Copy of Doll's Outfitting Shop. The doll and most of her clothes have been cut out by me on a rainy, cold day. $1.00
#352 Storybook Paper dolls published by Whitman ,#1951, in 1965. 2 dolls with lots of played with clothes. $3.00
#354 Dotty Doll Book, published by James and Jonathan in 1968. This book is uncut and adorable. $3.00
#355 Now and Then was published by Lowe in 1976. The book is uncut and in great condition. $4.00
#356 The Models Doll Book by Artcraft, cut but in good shape. All clothes not shown. $3.00
#357 Tiny Mods Paper Dolls published by Whitman in 1976. The book has been cut out very nicely by me and all the pieces are accounted for. $3.00
#358 This is a little card from Denmark with a cute little paper doll. $1.50
#359 Dress Annabelle published by Lowe in 1972. Like new. $3.00
#360 Troll Town Twins by Tom King, one page in color and a page for you to color. Not copies and autographed. $1.00
#361 Little wrapping paper bear, .50  
#362 New paper doll book from Brazil. $1.00
#363 Fun paper doll by Brian Buchanan, 1991. Not a copy and autographed. .50
#364 2 little boys from the set "A Dozen Cousins". I have the uncut book, one of my favorite. These 2 little boys are extras. Free
#365 The Art of Betty and Veronica, 159 pages. I paid $30.00 but will sell for $20.00
#366  Doug McClure by John Axe 1989. 2 pages, $1.00
#367 Cathy Quick Curl published by Whitman in 1975. The book is uncut and in like new condition. $10.00
#368 Paddington's Dressing-up-book. A great book for small hands to cut out. Book is new. $2.00
#369Ballerina from Italy, new and uncut. $3.00
#370 4 pages with clothes, they are copies and I have no idea who they belong to. free
#371 Somerset Studio  gallery Summer 2009. Paper dolls galore, a fun fun book. $10.00
#372  Fun paper doll by Jammie O'Tool. 1999. Not copies


#373 Playtime Pals published by Whitman in 1979. The book has been very nicely cut and everything seems to be there.I don't see any bends in any of the dolls. $4.00
#374 This is a very old paper doll book from Italy, 2 dolls and three pages with clothes. $6.00  
#375 uncut and new Spanish paper doll. $1.00
#376 Sweetheart paper dolls published by Saalfield in the late 50s early 60s. The dolls are in perfect condition, uncut. Clothing has been cut but nicely. $4.00
#377  Through the Ages with Fashion Doll Makeovers by Barb Rausch, painted by Jim Faraone. Beautiful set. $10.00
#378 Cathy dresses up was published by McNally in 1972. The book is uncut and very, very nice. $5.00
#379 8 little paper doll books from Spain, all in great condition and very cute, each doll has the clothes on the front page which you cans see and also another page of clothing folded on the back $15.00
#380 Copies of two fancy ladies..50
#381 Assortment of Danish paper dolls, not all pictured, plus a Brenda Star in Danish from the 40s. $1.00
#382 Costume Party published by Reuben H. Lilja and Company. No date, but I'm sure it's from the1940s or earlier. This is not a copy, it is uncut and in great condition. $25.00
#383 The Olympians, the glamour that was Rome. A beautiful paper doll book by Deanna Williams, made for Southern Paper doll party, 2002. $4.00
#385 This was a round-robin paper doll by Pat Frey and other paper doll artists.. $7.00
#386 Another round-robin paper doll this time the doll, Marlene Dietrich, is by Christine Scarlet. Beautiful clothing done by contemporary paper doll artists. $7.00
#387 Saalfield's "Hat Box" paper dolls published in 1954. These are not copies, the dolls are in great shape with lots of fun. $10.00
#388 Another beautiful round-robin, doll by Christine Scarlet. 8 pages of beautiful clothes by contemporary artists. $8.00
#389 Big and Little Sister paper doll box published by Whitman in 1962. This is a well played with set, both dolls have bends but I'm including copies of them with no flaws. Tons of fun clothes. $2.00
#390 Artist of the 19th Century by John Axe, 1991. $1.00
#392. Gabrielle and Kingsley by Kristin Helberg, 1075. It's complete with story, 2 paper dolls and lots of fun clothes. Perfect condition. $4.00
393 Spanish paper dolls. $1.00
394 The Skating Party was published in 1941 by Saalfield, #2328. I don't have the cover but the dolls and clothing are in real good condition. Beautiful and creative costumes. $4.00
395 6 pages of copies of Danish and Swedish paper dolls from magazines. $1.00
#396 4 teens with tons of clothes. The dolls are made of heavy cardboard so there are no bends. $4.00
#397 Copies of lots of paper dolls from Danish and Swedish magazines. .50
#398 Swedish paper dolls. .50
#399 Penny a "Real Hair Doll" published by Whitman in 1963. 1 doll with tons of clothes all in played with condition. This paper doll has an adorable face which I fell in love with but I just can't keep them all. $8.00
#400 The book has 24 pages of fun paper dolls, like new. Favorite  Characters from Favorite Books as Paper Dolls. The book is from The International Paper doll convention 2006, Indianapolis, Indiana. $6.00
#402 2 Russian paper doll books, great shape and uncut. $3.00
#405 Make Judy laugh and cry. I actually had this paper doll set when I was very young, not this actual set. It was produced by Whitman in 1952. My grandmother's sister sent it to me from Chicago. It has 4 dolls in great shape and most of the clothes are uncut. Also includes the faces to put in the dolls head for her to cry, laugh, or sleep. $20.00
#406 4 young ladies with lots of very nice clothes. $4.00
#407 A round-robin paper doll set, the doll is by Brenda Sneathan Mattox. The beautiful dresses, 7, are by various contemporary artist. $3.00
#408 Copy of Blondie cut out dolls, 10 pages. $2.00
#409 Beauty and the Beast published by Golden in 1991. This book is uncut and in great shape. $6.00
#410 This is a reproduction of Dolly Dingle by Grace Drayton. Very nice. $1.00
#411 Copy of a Danish paper doll. She has a very unattractive face but the clothes are great. $1.00
412 Red Riding Hood by Peck Aubry. New. $3.00
#413 The Boardwalk paper doll set. 4 dolls in good shape and tons of clothes. $3.00
#415 This is Kiki original by Dot Wilson. Tons of beautiful clothes with glitter and much more. Very, very nice. $5.00
#417 A reproduction of Bertha Corbett Melcher Sunbonnet Babies. New, still in wrapper. $1.50
#418 1945 Scotch brother and sister by Fern Bisel peat from Children's Playmate magazine. $2.00
#419 2 cute little paper doll books from Brazil. New. $2.00
#421. paper Dolls, United We Stand, this is a reproduction of the original from the 40s. New condition. $4.00
#422 Return to OZ was published by Whitman in 1985. The book is uncut and in new condition. $5.00
#423 Thumbelina Newborn published by Whitman in 1969, #1967. This book is uncut and in great shape. $4.00
#424 The VanderBear Family paper dolls by Peck Aubry in 2001. It is uncut and in new condition. $4.00
#425 Mattel's Baby First Step published by Whitman in 1965. The doll and some of the clothes have been cut out. Everything in very good shape. $6.00
#426 Dodie from the television show "My Three Sons", published by Artcraft. The book is uncut and in great condition. $8.00
#427 Action Club Paper Dolls published by Checkerboard Press in 1990. Book is uncut and in new condition. $4.00
#428 A House Full of Dolls and Clothes published in 1975 by James and Jonathan, Inc. The book is uncut and in great condition. $4.00
#429 Through the Years press-out doll dressing story book. Published in 1978 by Dean and Son, LTD. I think it may be from England but not sure. The book is uncut and in new condition. $5.00


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