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About Lone

       I have been an American citizen for many years, but I was I was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. I love visiting Denmark, and keeping in touch with all my relatives there, but America is my home.

      When I was born, Lone was a very common Danish name. It is the short form of Abelone, which is derived from the Greek word in mythology, Apollo, the God of the sun, or the light from the sun, and of song and music. Although modern Danish parents don't use the name much anymore, you will find many women my age with the name "Lone" in Denmark, including Lone Mortensen. She is the editor and creator of one of my favorite Danish paperdoll magazines, "P.D.Bladet", listed in nearly all of the American paper doll publications. Bladet means magazine. So, putting " PD" in front makes it " Paper Doll Magazine". You'll find the details and her contact info on my Newsletters page.

     It would almost be impossible for you to pronounce my name correctly - it is sort of like "looo" followed by a quick "nea". It is a very nice sounding name in Danish, but, I think Danish is a very strange sounding language to Americans. I think Danes often sound as if they're angry. Americans have a very hard time with the words, and Danes love to tease Americans trying to get the sounds right. A favorite phrase is one that only a true Dane can say ("rod grød med fløde på"). One day when we meet, I'll get you to give it a try. I usually have Americans call me "Lona", they find this much easier to say and I don't have to hear my name mispronounced. I worked for Disney World in Florida for many years, and all the guests used to ask me if I was lonely (my name tag with Lone on it threw everybody). Now, Disney puts the employees' peoples countries on the name tags - I think that is a great idea.

     Paper dolls are very popular in Denmark, but were much more popular there when I was young. I don't think Danish children play much with them, now, but then neither do many American children. I try to play paperdolls with my granddaughter, but it only holds her interest for an hour or so. We recently made a whole barn out of shoeboxes, making them into stables for paper doll horses. She was amazed at the things we could make out of paper. But then it is easy to amaze a 8 year old. 

     I try to draw paper dolls, but I am not too good at it. I recently bought a light box and can now make my own paperdoll clothes a little easier. I love to color them and that I am pretty good at. I love to collect black and white magazine paperdolls. I make copies (or scan and print) and then color those, keeping all my originals clean. Meanwhile, I will keep practicing on my art. Perhaps one day I will actually send something in to OPDAG.    I recently bought the 46 Famous Artist Paperdolls on eBay, and am in the process of scanning all those so I can have copies to color. I have quite a few paperdolls scanned and put into the files of the Paper Doll Color Club in the Yahoo Paper Doll Groups. Not the ones from the book I just bought, but many others.

     Now that most of my children are out of the house, I am lucky enough to have a small bedroom to dedicate to my paperdoll hobby. Here's a picture of me in my paperdoll room:


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